The following images link to PDF files that you can print on your own printer to create your own temporary Stranger Reduction Zone.  Please note:  Downloading any of these files marks your agreement to respect my copyright of these images.  You are given permission to print these on standard 8.5 x 11 inch printer paper only.  If you desire a more permanent sign or larger print, please check my store or email me about it.  These designs are not to be sold or modified without my express written consent.  I am very protective of my artwork, but I love this work and I want to share it with you.  Please respect this agreement and my copyright.


SRZ 12x18 blue man blue woman newSRZ 12x18 blue man pink woman - new SRZ 12x18 blue women - new

SRZ 12x18 LGBTSRZ 12x18 pink man blue woman - newSRZ-Alt2SRZ 12x18 pink women - new
















If you do create your own temporary Stranger Reduction Zone with any of these files, please upload some photos of it here.  Thanks!

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